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Life Is Funny, Sometimes

Last year, while attending the Missouri Library Association’s (MLA) annual conference in Springfield, MO, on the last day I had an idea. There should be a session for job seekers to come together and share their experiences. It could be support group for people…

Big Changes: Or, Why I’ve not Been Posting or at ALA.

Well, it finally happened! After 2.5 years of laborious and demoralizing job hunting I’ve finally been graced with a NEW JOB! About two months ago UNLV offered me the position of Circulation Manager for their Lied Library. I agreed to it right away and…

Happy New-ish Year

book and red wine on a marble table

Happy New-ish Year, gentle readers. After a three month hiatus I thought now would be a good time to jump back in the blogging pool. Some quick updates:

Missouri Library Association Conference, Day 2

2016 missouri library association conference logo

Breakfast: biscuits and gravey, scrambled eggs, potatoes o’brien, and bacon. Free! I gave up coffee (!) about three weeks ago due to the aggravation it causes my GERD. This whole time I’ve not missed it as much as I am this morning. I know…

Yet, Another Interview

book and red wine on a marble table

So, I’m a little early for my job interview. Okay, a lot early. When I parked the car I was 51 minutes (!) early. Now, I’m just sitting in my car listening to XTC on Tidal until I can show my face in the…

Generic Update

book and red wine on a marble table

It’s been more than a week since I posted last. I’ve just not been in the head space for that. A few quick updates, though: On Thursday (8/25) I have an interview with St. Louis Public Library’s Schafly Branch that I’m pretty excited about….

More on Switching between Academic and Public Libraries

book and red wine on a marble table

I want to be clear about something. I am interested in switching from academic to public libraries NOT because I am angry with or unsuited for academic librarianship. Just the opposite, in fact. I am well suited for that field. I am interested in…