Obituary: Marian the Librarian

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After a long decline brought on by the ubiquity of the internet its increasing ability to retrieve quick bits of information or book recommendations, the library community is saddened to announce the passing of Marian the Librarian. For more than a century, Marian the Librarian served as the figurehead and standard barer of what a librarian was to the general population. She could frequently be found in a cardigan sweater pushing a book truck in the stacks; looking up obscure facts for individuals on the telephone; making book recommendations to readers; or leading children in a story time. Those that were closest to her reveal that Marian’s demise was slow in coming. Her dedication and vivacity never wavered, but her ability to adapt to changing technologies and information needs became increasingly insufficient as the 21st century rose around her. Read More

An Idealized Access Services Model

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On August 8 I have a Skype interview for a Head of Access Services position. As part of this interview I’ve been told to prepare a 10 minute talk on problems facing Access Services in academic libraries. I thought the best way to this would be first to write about some problems in Access Services. I can sit here and rant about the lack of respect Access Services gets in most “professional” library settings, which only leads me to complain about all of academic librarianship and the seemingly prevalent attitude that only librarians in your specialty are the “real” librarians, but I don’t think they want to hear that. So, instead I want to develop some ideas based on the literature I can find to build a set of problems and solutions that I could present to my would-be employers and could actually implement.

So, I guess I better get to researching… Read More

Schmoozing Skills

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Like most library-types, I’m an introvert. I get my energy and approval primarily from within. I like being alone. I like quiet times. It’s why I was such a good task-oriented person and part of why I would be a good cataloger if I wanted to go that route. But over the years I’ve intentionally placed myself in situations in which I have to interact with people; be the center of attention; expose myself to criticism and (even worse) praise. Read More

Why Do I Want to Be a Librarian, Anyway?: Part I

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Vocational Disappointment & Promise

When I graduated high school in 1997 I knew exactly what I was going to do with my life.

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