Halloween 2018: Pumpkin Carving (Updated with winners)

This year’s selection of pumpkins decorated by our student assistants.

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And the winners are:

3rd Place TIE: Cat-o-lantern & Baby Jack with Braces

2nd Place: 1930’s Cartoon Pumpkin

1st Place: Evil Jack-o-lantern


Congratulations to the winners, even though my favorite, Cheerful Hillbilly Who’s in a Jugband on Friday and Saturday Nights, was not included. 😦

white shark with fish

Swimming with Purpose

In a few short weeks the new semester begins. This will be my second academic year in this position. Over the last year there have been so many changes at work including a roughly 83% turnover in personnel in my department. That means that only myself and one staff member are doing the jobs we were doing at this time last year. Another position was moved under me that I didn’t have at that time, and yet another position has been created out of whole cloth.

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