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Out! Out, Damn Ego!

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Recently, I was a minor participant in a Twitter thread that began here.

Let’s Break Some Shit

creative destruction

Over the last few months I’ve been in a, “Well, now what?” period of my career. I’ve steered my department through crisis and now that it’s passed I’m not sure what I’m doing in my position. If my career starts and ends running a…

Big Picture Librarian

We are part of an amazing profession built on helping others. As I’ve been pondering my next steps in the profession and what my place is in it (here and here) I reminded myself that I don’t have to struggle with the question on…

The Ambivalent Librarian

About six months ago I wrote about the perception of professionalism in libraries. About three months ago I began a post with the above title. That post was begun at a point of emotional nadir in which my depression had had a significant resurgence….

Why Did My Job Exist?: Decline of Consortial Monograph Circulation at University of Missouri St. Louis, 2011-2016

In the spring of 2016 I was enrolled in the University of Missouri’s School of Information Science & Learning Technology’s (SISLT) Online Education certificate program. I was only in the program for that one semester before taking a new job in a new state…

Boss Man!

coffee mug which reads world's best boss

I’m the boss now. Not of a whole department, or anything, just a small unit, but still, I’m the boss. I have (soon-to-be) five people under me for whom I am responsible and who are responsible to me. I’m in a position to have…

Digital Humanities and Value Added Services

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So, if the purpose of this blog is to explore the profession and my place in it — and it’s supposed to be — then, what I need to do is, well, that. I’ll begin, I guess not with the beginning (I’ve done that…

Turning the Corner?

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I have always tried to keep this blog relatively positive. I’ve not always been successful, but that’s been my goal. I’ve tried to keep most negativity away from here because I don’t think anyone wants to read me whine about whatever perceived injustice my…

Happy New-ish Year

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Happy New-ish Year, gentle readers. After a three month hiatus I thought now would be a good time to jump back in the blogging pool. Some quick updates: