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I Don’t Read

book and red wine on a marble table

I don’t read. That’s not really true, of course. I read, some. I suspect that I read more than the average person, and especially the average man, but compared to other librarians, I don’t read.

Why Did My Job Exist?: Decline of Consortial Monograph Circulation at University of Missouri St. Louis, 2011-2016

In the spring of 2016 I was enrolled in the University of Missouri’s School of Information Science & Learning Technology’s (SISLT) Online Education certificate program. I was only in the program for that one semester before taking a new job in a new state…

Missouri Library Association Conference, Day 1

2016 missouri library association conference logo

Well, that was a long three hour drive. I’ve managed to arrive at the hotel and convention center unscathed. Finding my room was a bit harrowing, though. The hotel is mid-century modern with several building expansions grafted onto it, including the convention center. What…